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Jake Ladue

Jacob Ladue is an Arkansas native with an unmatched passion to help children. Growing up Jacob or "Jake" as his friends and family know him, knew all too well what it felt like to go hungry. This created a passion in Jake to be a part of the solution in any way he can. While furthering his education in Early Childhood Development, Jake played a major role in starting, operating, and teaching at a local non-profit. Although Jake left the non-profit, he is still involved with fundraisers and helps in any way that he can. Jake is happy to report "The non-profit is going strong today and I can't wait for Modern Movers to assist in any of their needs".

A decade ago, Jake, was given the opportunity to become a general manager for a moving company in Fayetteville Arkansas that was based out of Texas. Jake took this role to heart in order to run the best business that he could. Soon Jake would realize what an impact he could have on the community while working there. Every non-profit that helps children knows that Jake is just a phone call away and will do everything he can to help. Jake quickly saw that getting involved with the business community through resources like the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce, where he has served as a diplomat for several years, not only helped him reach customers for the moving company but also gave him several opportunities to work with other local non-profits.

Jeff Pederson

Jeff Pederson is a Northwest Arkansas native that has called Fayetteville home for the last 15 years. He started his professional career in the furniture business where he spent 10 years managing store operations that included the ordering, selling, display, and delivery of furniture into customer homes.

Jeff has spent the last 13 years in the real estate business as a Senior Vice President with the largest real estate firm in Arkansas where he continues to hold that position and operates NWA Commercial Property under the Lindsey flag.

Jeff has a passion for serving the community not only professionally but also as a volunteer and financial contributor to causes that support solutions for the issues of child safety, child hunger, and the humane treatment and placement of animals.

Jeff has also served on the board of directors and as chairman of the diplomats for the Fayetteville, AR Chamber of Commerce. It was during these years of service at the Chamber that he met his business partner, Jake Ladue.

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